Queer People is a collection of writings on gender, sexuality and kink. All our material is from websites, books and journals. None of the content is original unless otherwise stated.

How do gender, sexuality and kink relate to each other?

Gender and sexuality:

  • The biological sex of a person comes with certain assumptions about their sexual roles and behaviour. Women are expected to have lower sex drives and be the passive recipient of male sexual advances, men are expected to have high sex drives and initiate the chase. The cultural norm is that women are penetrated, whereas men penetrate.
  • In Queer People, we question the socially constructed link between biological sex, and sexual behaviour. Here, you will find articles about women who like sex, men who are asexual, and gay relationships where both parties take turns dominating and submitting.
  • In Queer People, we question the dominant value-system of men as penetraters and women as penetrated, and explore more egalitarian ways in which men and women can relate to each other.

Gender and kink:

  • Kink pushes the boundaries of both sexuality and gender.
  • Kink expands our definition of what it means to have sex, to become aroused.
  • Kink plays with power dynamics and allows women and men to re-wire and re-negotiate power in a way that is partially independent of societal pressures.
  • Kink forces us to revise our assumptions about gender – for instance, with the prevalence of female dominatrices and male submissives in the kink world.

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