Challenging the assumption of “maternal instinct”

Being a mother is not something all women instinctively want. Rather, motherhood is something that some women actively and consciously choose. Motherhood should be recognised as a difficult, consciously chosen path that deserves celebration and respect, rather than a biological default that all women are destined to succumb to. Dr Blackstone for The Huffington Post.  Advertisements

ISIS targets ‘dangerous women’ in Manchester attack

On 22nd May 2017, a series of bombings hit the Manchester Arena where popstar Ariana Grande had just ended her concert. ISIS claimed responsibility for the attacks, which have killed 22 and injured at least 120. Lauren Wolfe, award-winning journalist who documents gendered violence around the world, points out the gendered element of the attack. She … More ISIS targets ‘dangerous women’ in Manchester attack


Those who challenge the status quo must inevitably deal with anger and discomfort. AWARE was no different. Lenore Lyons writes about the tensions that AWARE faced from the public, and from amongst its own members.