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In an interview with Autostraddle, Sinclair Sexsmith draws out the power dynamics in queer, BDSM relationships. 

What draws you to BDSM erotica? (Or, what does BDSM mean for you?) Is it informed by a queer sensibility?

My BDSM practices are definitely informed by my queer sensibilities — I am ever aware of the heteronormativity and cissexism in the BDSM worlds, and I think queers are doing amazing things to call attention to, work on, and transform what it means to explore gender, or explore power dynamics. I love sex, don’t get me wrong, but I crave a dynamic that complicates the pure body aspects of sex and brings in a psychological connection of power and play that BDSM provides. I think there’s still a ton of room for more queer theory to leap into the BDSM worlds and to continue to evolve BDSM practices.

Read the full interview, originally published on 8th April 2012 at Autostraddle.

Featured Image: Black Comics Month


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