A new feminism

Donald Trump has made women—all women, across race and class lines—realize that they have more in common than they usually acknowledge. Keli Goff writes for The Daily Beast. 

Excerpt from Keli Goff’s article, “How Donald Trump Brought (Some of) Us Together

Because historically, there has been an immense chasm—and not just a political one—between well-to-do white women, and the women of color they often relied on to care for their children, or elderly parents or homes. Or even the ones they worked with in their offices but were unlikely to socialize with outside of it. There was an unspoken yet very significant ocean separating these two groups. That ocean was one in which if you are a white female married to a powerful or economically successful man, you were less vulnerable than the woman of color who you may know, who is one paycheck away from poverty. (And who also earns less per hour than you do.)

What this election exposed, from the Access Hollywood audio to Gretchen Carlson and Megyn Kelly’s recent admissions of sexual harassment while working as star anchors—is that ultimately every woman is one unenlightened man away from being vulnerable to unemployment, poverty, or simply having her sense of self-worth destroyed.

This is a vulnerability most men will never know and cannot comprehend. They may have found Donald Trump’s recorded comments distasteful (particularly as they were aimed at a married white woman) but they don’t believe their wives or daughters will ever be in danger from the Donald Trumps of the world—not with them there to protect them after all. Therefore they are shocked and dismayed that their wives are not on board to vote for the interests of the family “team” this election. What they don’t realize is that their wives have simply woken up to the fact that their teammates this time around are the other women they once thought they had very little in common with. Women who understand the challenges and triumphs that come with being a woman, even in 2016, even if you are educated, even if you are wealthy, even if you are married—far more than their husbands ever will.

Read the full article at The Daily Beast. Original article published on 7th Nov ’16.

Featured Image: Intersectional Feminism for Beginners


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