On dominance

How does love look like from the top?

Chanelle Gallant for The Rumpus. 

Chanelle Gallant’s article from The Rumpus, “A Dominant in Love, Lust and Heartbreak”

Do you know what it’s like for a dominant top to get a crush, for someone like me, whose mouth waters for submission from my lovers? I still swallow hard and hope the person I like will text me back. I just don’t blush.


What it’s like to be a dominant top in lust is to want—and to feel that want in my fist, my teeth, my tongue, my cunt, my gut, and my laugh. To want with the ferocity of a double hurricane, of a thousand tons of steel hurtling down a mountainside. To want to crush the beautiful thing and then dab the tears while I put it back together again.


Being a dominant top in love means an ache—for someone to tend to, to take care of, to steer and supervise, to shape and to set free. More than anything else, it is an ache to be needed by someone who is mine to protect—my beloved treasure, my cherished possession, my sweetest heart. The heart I protect like it is my own—because it is.


Original article published on The Rumpus on 23th October 2015.


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